Bobble Head Panda Bear Piggy Bank

Here is a very cute panda piggy bank that we bought at the San Diego Zoo a few years ago.

The panda has an oversized bobble head and a slot on its back to insert coins or paper money. On its belly is a rubber stopper that can be taken out to remove the money inside. The panda stands about 7 inches tall.

This item makes a great gift for a child or a serves as nice piece of panda art for your kitchen, family room, or bedroom.

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at Amazon. Please note that the panda bank sold at Amazon does not have the San Diego Zoo logo.



Pandas Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This cute ceramic panda salt and pepper shaker set features magnets in the noses that keep the shakers together. The beautiful glazed ceramic pieces are artfully crafted and look great together.

This set will make a functional addition to your dining room table or a great gift for the panda lover in your life!

The pandas sit 4.8 inches high and are made by the Westland Giftware Mwah company.

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at Amazon



Panda Kitchen Timer

Here we have a cute panda kitchen timer that will be at home in any panda lover’s kitchen!

You set this mechanical timer by twisting the body to the desired time (up to 60 minutes). Once set, the timer ticks down to zero and then rings like an alarm clock. The timer stands 3.9 inches tall and is made of durable plastic.

We recommend this item primarily as nice panda decoration for the kitchen rather than a precise timing device. As mechanical timers go, it works fine, however a good digital timer would be more reliable for important cooking and baking needs.

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at Amazon


Panda Toothbrush Holder

This very cute panda toothbrush holder by Flipper Animal World has suction cups on its back that attach to your bathroom mirror or another smooth surface.

You press your toothbrush in Panda’s tummy and it automatically snaps closed.

When you pull forward to remove the toothbrush Panda opens back up and remains open until you replace the toothbrush.

The suction cups work amazingly well. I’ve never had the holder fall off our bathroom mirror.

This is a very sanitary way to store your toothbrush because it is enclosed inside the Panda. The brush will remain free of dust, sprays, germs, or anything else that might normally land on it.

As with most things, it would be a good idea to clean the holder once in awhile.

This item makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any Panda lover!

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at

Panda “Staple Free” Stapler

This interesting stapler by Ecozone “stitches” the paper sheets together rather than using stapes.

Because of this unique design the stapler never needs refilling and can stable together up to 6 pieces of paper.

To staple sheets together you simply insert the paper into the slot above panda’s feet and then press down on his head.

In the pictures below, you can see the how the stapler “stitches” the pages together. The first picture is from the front where you see a tab has been cut and then threaded through a hole in the paper to the right. The second picture is from the back where the paper tab is visible. This is a very cool and innovative design!

This stapler is both very cute and completely child safe!

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at



Panda Ceramic Dish

Here is a very cute panda dish that any panda lover would enjoy!

The panda ears extend from the sides of the bowl and the eyes and nose are on the inside bottom.

The bowl measures 6″ by 5″ and is about 2.5″ deep. It makes a great bowl for snacks or candy, however it not quite large enough for cereal.

To purchase this item or get more information, please check it out here at



Panda Fancy Mug Cup Set with Spoon

This unique panda mug and spoon set makes a great item for yourself or a gift for the panda lover!

The nicely crafted spoon is very cute hanging from the edge of the mug on its little paws.

The cup is perfect for tea or coffee or you can set it aside and display it as a piece of art. We actually have ours setting in the kitchen on display.

To purchase this great item or get more information, please check it out here at



Lubies Panda

Lubies-panda-2Here we have a very cute ball shaped panda plushie from Rocket USA. The “Lubies” panda is a little larger than a softball and very soft and cuddly.

The “fur” on this panda is a finer material than most panda plushies and the overall quality and workmanship are excellent.

We recommend this panda plushie for anyone who wants something a little different from the norm but still very cute and playful.

To purchase or get more information, check it out here at Amazon

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