Lubies Panda

Lubies-panda-2Here we have a very cute ball shaped panda plushie from Rocket USA. The “Lubies” panda is a little larger than a softball and very soft and cuddly.

The “fur” on this panda is a finer material than most panda plushies and the overall quality and workmanship are excellent.

We recommend this panda plushie for anyone who wants something a little different from the norm but still very cute and playful.

To purchase or get more information, check it out here at Amazon

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hawaii-panda3Welcome to Pandatopia where pandas rule!

Pandatopia is dedicated to reviewing the best selection of unique high quality panda products on the internet.

We only review items that we actually own and recommend to others. We present our own pictures to provide you with the most accurate and unqiue view of the products.

To the right is a picture of the panda that accompanies us on trips. Here he is seen on the Kona beach during our Honeymoon to Hawaii.

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